Compliance Audits   contact us

Environmental Compliance Auditing - To assist you in your "commitment to compliance" for maintaining an Environmental Management System (such as ISO 14001, RC14001 and  Responsible Care®  Management System) we can help by conducting your periodic evaluations of your compliance system (ISO 14001 9.1.2).  Audit Results are reported per ASTM E 2107 Standard Practice for Environmental Regulatory Compliance Audits.

Occupational Health and Safety Compliance Auditing - To help you to maintain proactive measures of performance that monitor compliance with applicable legislation and regulatory requirements for maintaining an OH&S Management System (such as ISO 45001, RC14001 and  Responsible Care®  Management System) we can help by conducting your periodic evaluations of your compliance system (ISO 45001).  Audit Results are reported per ASTM E 2107 Standard Practice for Environmental Regulatory Compliance Audits (Note there is no  current standard for OH&S reporting so we use the environmental format).

Quality Management System Auditing - To help you in your "commitment to compliance" for maintaining a Quality Management System we can help by conducting your periodic evaluations of your compliance system (Such as complying with DOT and OSHA requirements).  Audit Results are reported per ASTM E 2107 Standard Practice for Environmental Regulatory Compliance Audits.


Final Review Audits   contact us

Eagle Group will visit your facility to assess your documented management system against each element of the Standard.  We encourage you to send your documentation to us, prior to our visit, so we may conduct a desk study.  This will allow our independent auditor to evaluate your written system against your working practices.  We will also assess your system to confirm that each of the "shall statements" of the Standard has been addressed.  We will utilize your corrective action system to raise non-conformances and provide recommendations for the implementation of corrective actions, prior to registration.


GAP Analysis    contact us

The assigned consultant will conduct:

  • Opening Meeting - Explanation of activities to management team and key personnel
  • System Evaluation Assessment - Eagle Group® will analyze your operation to determine areas of strengths and weaknesses in relation to the standard requirements. We will identify key business processes, as well as determine the scope of registration to ensure proper application of the standard.
  • Conduct Management Debriefing - We will meet with your management team and key personnel to review the existing system shortcomings and recommendations for corrective actions.  We will verbally review the projected time phased implementation plan.
  • Written Report - Eagle Group® will prepare a detailed report identifying nonconformances, listing recommendations, corrective actions, pertinent observations and a time phased implementation plan.  We will also address how to streamline the common elements of documentation.



Product Audits    contact us

We currently conduct audits for clients to verify that customers / 3rd Party Tollers / Formulators / Suppliers are complying to agreed to requirements.

For instance we currently verify that EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) registered products are produced per the EPA Confidential Statement of Formulation and our clients specified use requirements.

A confidential summary report will be produced to your requirements and if you wish we will provide additional services such as a ranking of the organization.

These type audits are often done to meet the requirements of a  Responsible Care®  type Management System.


Supplier Audits    contact us

Many types of Quality and Environmental Management Systems require you to qualify and conduct ongoing performance reviews of your supply chain.  A number of organizations find that it is cost effective to have Eagle Group USA conduct these audits for them on critical suppliers.

Automotive Management Systems
IATF 16949 require you to develop your suppliers to the IATF 16949 and ISO 9001 suppliers.  Most of the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and their Tier One suppliers allow you audit these suppliers in lieu of requiring them to be registered, which is critical when using some small critical suppliers.

Note: There are a few OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers that may not allow you to subcontract these audits (such as Chrysler).

Environmental and Responsible Management Systems
Some Management Systems such as  Responsible Care®  require that the supply chain act in a responsible manner.  The American Chemistry Council's  Responsible Care®  Management Systems (such as RC14001) require the registered organization to:

“qualify and periodically review carriers, suppliers, distributors, customers, contractors and third-party providers based on  Responsible Care®  or other health, safety, security and environmental performance criteria.”

Other systems such as the Canadian  Responsible Care®  program require Transportation Carrier Assessments to be carried out every two years.

Transportation Assessments
We can conduct Transportation Carrier Assessments to your criteria on a cost effective basis.

We currently are conducting these type audits for clients complying to the Canadian  Responsible Care®  transportation assessment criteria.

In Summary, We can address your supplier maintenance auditing needs with our competent staff of auditors to professionally conduct and report your supplier audits.  We can perform both Management System and many types of product audits.


System Audits    contact us

Contract Management System Auditing (Internal Audits or Maintenance Audits)

Did you know you can hire an outside auditor to perform your Management System Internal Audits?  Eagle Group® will ensure you comply with the audit requirements prior to your ongoing Registrar surveillance audits.  We have outlined the scope of internal audit cycle activities that you may anticipate.
During each visit we will, unless requested otherwise:

    • Perform documentation audits
    • Work in conjunction with your Audit Schedule or select various elements of the Standard and your procedures to ensure all elements are audited
    • Utilize your documented system forms to address nonconformances and observations
    • Conduct a closing meeting to address the findings and provide recommendations for improvements
    • Each visit will review actions raised to ensure that timely closure and implementation is facilitated by your on-site employee teams

      Benefits that you can expect:
      • Save 30%-50% on your Internal Auditor system requirements
      • Have your employees focused on essential business requirements instead of Management System maintenance activities
      • Increase the value in your Management System through our expert input and Management System Tools
      • Ensure your system stays in conformance to the Requirements
      • Save on training costs