GAP Analysis  contact us

The assigned consultant will conduct:

  • Opening Meeting - Explanation of activities to management team and key personnel
  • System Evaluation Assessment - Eagle Group® will analyze your operation to determine areas of strengths and weaknesses in relation to the standard requirements. We will identify key business processes, as well as determine the scope of registration to ensure proper application of the standard.
  • Management Debriefing - We will meet with your management team and key personnel to review the existing system shortcomings and recommendations for corrective actions.  We will verbally review the projected time phased implementation plan.
  • Written Report - Eagle Group® will prepare a detailed report identifying nonconformances, listing recommendations, corrective actions, pertinent observations and a time phased implementation plan.  We will also address how to streamline the common elements of documentation.



Internal Auditor Consulting   contact us

The assigned consultant will mentor your Internal Auditors through the auditor process.  This is typically done after your Internal Auditors have received an introduction to the appropriate Standard(s) and lecture portion of the internal auditor training.  The Consultant will continue to work with your internal auditors to make sure that effective internal audits are being conducted.



Documentation Development   contact us

The assigned Consultant / Technical Writer team will facilitate the following:

Eagle Group® will customize an approach that will address the special needs and interests of your business.  This approach will move you through the steps to registration, recognizing the importance for you to own your system, when the registrar arrives.

In addition, we recognize that you may be conscious of time, money, and internal resources.  In response, we will oversee your implementation initiative. We will use your existing systems where practical, applicable and appropriate; we will work with you to develop and provide procedures, work instructions and documentation data utilizing our Quick Start system to “reverse engineer” the document writing process in the absence of required documentation.  Our experienced team will work beside your staff to develop a working Quality Management System (QMS), Environmental Management System (EMS), Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS), Laboratory Management System or  Responsible Care®  Management System that you will own and understand.



Implementation Assistance and Guidance    contact us

The assigned Eagle Group® Project Manager will facilitate the following:

  • Issuance of system documents
  • When appropriate assist you in finding a Registrar who will work well with your organization
  • Participate in Steering Team Meetings and Management Reviews as required
  • Conduct required system training, including Internal Auditor
  • Work with employee teams to apply and understand your system
  • Ensure system documentation is in conformance with the system and the Standard requirements
  • Provide you with a documented visit report outlining the activities accomplished, assignments, and an updated implementation schedule.



Management System Support Service and Guidance    contact us

Internal System Maintenance Audits ensure your system requirements are
in place and fully maintained. We plan and complete your internal audits, address corrective actions and facilitate Management Review meeting requirements;  reducing the in-house burden on your team while keeping the management system ready for your 3rd party Registration audits.