The General Training courses offered by Eagle Group can be applied to enhance meeting the requirements of any of the standards. We offer the following courses:

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)   contact us
Management and employee team members from all aspects of the  organization who participate in the activities associated with Advanced  Product Quality Planning activities, i.e. manufacturing, engineering,  sales, service.

Control Plan Methodology (CPM) 
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Quality assurance, engineering, and other process personnel responsible for preparing control plans.

Core Tools   
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A compilation of our key automotive tools classes in a three day format.

Customer Satisfaction   
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Any organization team members that are interested in implementing a  system for identifying, tracking and analyzing its customer  satisfaction.  This tool is best implemented using a cross-functional  team with the following disciplines represented: senior management,  administration, sales, customer service, manufacturing, quality and  engineering.

Documentation Writing   
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To understand the fundamental principles and objectives of the appropriate standard or system, to understand the requirements and importance of documentation preparation, to understand the documentation development process, and to acquire basic technical writing skills by practical example and experience.

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) 
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Managers, supervisors, quality professionals, facilitators, product and process design engineers and maintenance.

Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA)  
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This course is intended for all persons who are responsible for a  manufacturing or a business process.  The course provides instruction on what MSA is and how to apply MSA to any process for evaluation and  continual improvement.

Process Flowcharting  
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Anyone who could be assigned to creating and analyzing process flowcharts

Statistical Process Control (SPC)  
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This course is intended for all persons who are responsible for a manufacturing or a business process.  The course  provides instruction on what SPC is and how to apply SPC to any process  for evaluation and continual improvement

Team Oriented Problem Solving (8-D)   
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Individuals who manage, lead, or participate in problem-solving teams,  corrective and preventive action activities, or are responsible to  customers for customer complaint issues.