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01/02/17 HT course update
01/09/17 BH update course (5 pages)
01/10/17 DI 2 changes/updates
01/11/17 CP update copyright
01/11/17 BH change contact page photo
01/12/17 BH correct link, update Fisher Arnold language
01/23/17 CR add cert for Mitchell and Kimball
01/27/17 CR add certificate for Vandenbemden
02/10/17 BH updates Standards photos
03/04/17 HT update EMS credetial
03/20/17 CR update Clyde's AS9100D
04/20/17 CR add Brenda Gill
05/17/17 CR add Brenda Gill training
05/24/17 CR add John Shepherd and certificates
06/19/17 CR add John Shepherd Bio
07/10/17 HT add certificates
07/11/17 HT correct hyperlink and remove 39001
07/20/17 CR add certificate for Shepherd
07/20/17 BH add bio for Gill, update About Us Tab, Standards Tab
07/27/17 CR add certificate for Gill
07/27/17 BH add photos to Standards page
08/08/17 CR add certificates for Kitka
08/09/17 CR add additional certificates for Kitka
08/17/17 CR update Clyde's certificates
09/11/17 HT update qualifications
09/14/17 HT update IATF 16949 reference for Hugh, Anthony, John, Rocky, and Steve.
09/14/17 CR update contact page
09/19/17 CR update Kitka certificate
09/28/17 DI add bio for Kitka
09/28/17 BH update Audit Team credentials (12 changes)
12/05/17 CR by HV, 3 spelling corrections on Team Page.
02/05/18 HT update 17025:2017 certificate
02/12/18 HT update CQE
02/12/18 HT remove all transition courses ecept 17025, modify training page as well
02/21/18 Add new VOSB to website
03/10/18 Add VOB logo to website
03/19/18 Add AR credentials
03/20/18 Add CP and HT credentials.
03/22/18 Add KR credentials
04/02/18 Add BG credential; update website appearance (10 hrs)
04/11/18 Add JK credentials
04/13/18 Add AR credentials
05/02/18 Remove NBAA; revise VOB Banner
05/13/18 Add Turn Key Management Service
07-05-18 Update website for Hugh Letter; update, remove NACD information
07/23/18 Add auditor Mac McRoberts; bio, 5 certificates
08/15/18 Remove BQ 9000 from website
08/20/18 Changes to website per email from CR (28 changes total)
09/22/18 Add Ohio Veterans Business Owner to Home page and About Us page (note purchase logo $12.50)
10/08/18 Add 17025 cert for BG
11/18/18 Complete remake of website with new EGUSA logo/branding, colors, etc.; add ISO/IEC 27001:2013
12/13/18 Add ISO 50001:2018 to website (acquire graphics from Shutterstock $20), add spalsh banner on Hoe page, add to Standards Page, add links throughout website, add to contact form (4 hrs)
12/18/18 Add ISO 50001 cert for HT;
3/01/19 Add new EGUSA address
3/11/19 Add 3 certs for BG
4/02/19 Add new NVBDC certificate
4/30/19 Add 2 certs for HT
5/02/19  Per HT, removed AS9100C, ISO140001 Transition, ISO 9001 Transition, and ISO 14001 Internal Auditor from his certs.
5/07/19 Add 2 certs for JK
5/15/19 remove ISO 22000 from HT certs
5/26/19 add Olympus comments
9/06/19 add certs for BG, JS, KR, SM, add John Shepherd to Auditor list
9/17 add bio for JS; modify HV bio per DL
9/19 add Michael Abbott to website; create auditor page, 6 certs.
10/04/19 add new ISO cert and logo
10/14/19 upload the website to Michigan Computer Solutions
10/16/19 correct formatting on Home page on new server
11/05/19 add EGUSA capabilities to website
11/06/19 add NACD Training for HT
11/08/19 add 3 certs for HT
11/18/19 add AIAG cert for HT
01/28/20 add 25th Logo and banner
03/03/20 update HT bio per his request
04/06/20  add COVID-19 banner to website
04/20/20 add COVID-19 remote services banner
05/05/20 remove AR credentials per CP
05/18/20 replace OH&S cert for HT
06/04/20 remove standards org. tab per CP

06/04/20 load the website with Chat to new EGUSA server
06/29/20 add cert for HT and BG