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It's time .... call Eagle Group USA today and plan your next IS-BAO audit. Ask us about a GAP audit to measure where you are between registrations. Let us work for you to support continuous improvement in the SMS process of your operation.


Eagle Group USA is proud of the relationships we have established with all of our client companies, from privately owned to Fortune 100. We take pride in delivering the quality and value added service expected by the most highly rated companies in business today. Only upon being invited back to conduct the next audit, are we confident of a client's complete satisfaction.
When we leave your premises following an in-depth audit by our team, you will have a clear understanding of the areas in conformance and the areas of your operation that need improvement. Our goal is for you to “audit your way to success”.
Operators seeking advanced Stage 2 or Stage 3 IS-BAO registration or renewal will be held to the highest IBAC standard based on the maturity expected of an operator at their level of achievement. Auditors are tasked with maintaining the quality demanded by IBAC. Choosing your auditor is important.


Eagle Group auditors treat the client with respect and strive to make the audit a value added experience  for the organiztion and a tool to enhance continuous improvement for the SMS.