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IS-BAO Stage I Audit


The Stage I audit is conducted:

  • Initial applicants
  • Renewal audit (due to previously weak performance)
  • As requested or required

The IS-BAO standards have been developed to permit the operator registrant to progress from a basic foundation of conformance to SMS principles and international standards to one that is goal-directed and reflects continuous improvement. The objective is for the operator to begin with the establishment of principles to a sustainable SMS, and through measured steps, progress to advanced levels of SMS maturity.

The Stage I registration audit confirms that the operator has in place the SMS infrastructure and sound safety management activities are appropriately targeted. All the supporting Standards must be established.

During the Stage I audit, the auditor will confirm that the SMS is documented, approved, resourced, and being implemented. Indicators of soundness will be examined. The SMS is considered sound if the operator has the required components of an SMS in place based on the ICAO framework of 4 components and 12 elements. Effectiveness is not required to be evaluated of a Stage I operator. If the auditor determines the SMS maturity allows it, and it adds value for the operator, then effectiveness may be included in the audit.

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