Aviation Services

IS-BAO Stage II Audit


The IS-BAO Stage II evaluation is conducted of an operator that has successfully completed either a Stage I or Stage II registration. A Stage II renewal audit is focused on assessing the appropriateness and effectiveness of the SMS. Samples of SMS soundness indicators will be evaluated as the auditor deems appropriate, such as might occur in areas that have changed since the last audit. This might include:

  • Changes in the organization structure
  • Roles of key managers
  • Staffing levels
  • Aircraft type
  • Routes, or
  • Missions


The Stage II evaluation confirms:

  • The SMS is functioning,
  • Results are being measured,
  • Safety Management activities are appropriately targeted, and,
  • Safety risks are being effectively managed.

Using the detailed protocols, the auditor will assess the appropriateness and effectiveness of the operator's SMS activities


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