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IS-BAO Stage III Audit

A Stage III evaluation is conducted of an operator that has successfully completed at least one renewal audit. The objectives of a Stage III evaluation are to confirm:

  • SMS is sustained and supported by an on-going improvement process,
  • A positive safety culture is sustained, and,
  • Safety Management activities are fully integrated into the operators business.

A Stage III operator is expected to have:

  • Widespread employee commitment and involvement in improving safety performance;
  • Sustained desire for good safety performance as a primary goal;
  • Seeks causes of deficiencies rather than allocate blame;
  • Effectively communicate safety information within and outside the organization to include safety performance trends;
  • Embrace the benefits of continuous evaluation and improvement;
  • Manager awareness of issues that impact the safety culture;
  • Primary goals including safety that focus targets other than financial that can be actively and proactively measured.
  • Allocation of financial and other resources by top management as needed;
  • Learning from safety performance of external organizations, and
  • Safety Performance Measures that include effectiveness of activities and processes rather than just the results of the activities.

Stage III operators should have an on-going improvement process that includes regular evaluation of SMS activities plus evaluation of the effectiveness of risk controls. A formal process should be in place to identify sub-standard performance and causes; means to eliminate or mitigate such causes.

The auditors will use the detailed protocols to conduct the in-depth evaluation of effectiveness along with IS-BAO Stage 3 SMS Performance Indicators.

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