Eagle Group® offers our clients a variety of consulting, auditing, and training services to meet your requirement; and, through partnerships, we can provide our clients with the state and federal  grant assistance process:


Eagle Group® can help you manage and improve your individual, business, or operational requirements with our Management System solutions for quality, environmental; and, health, safety & security. We support a variety of business and operational needs with our dedicated team and years of practical experience in auditing, consulting, documentation development, and over 40 training courses.


Facilitation and Instruction in these Industries:

•   Aerospace and Defense
•   Automotive & Off-Road Equipment Parts/Assembly
•   Calibration/Testing Laboratory
•   Chemical Processing/Distribution
•   Computers
•   Distribution and Warehousing
•   E-Commerce
•   Electrical/Electronic Components/Systems
•   Engineering and Analytical Services
•   Fabricated Metals/Stamping
•   Factory Automation


•   Food Processing
•   Information Technology
•   Machine Tools/Processing Equipment/Systems
•   Medical Devices
•   Nuclear
•   Primary Metals
•   Printing Industries
•   Telecommunications
•   Temporary Employment Placement
•   Transportation
•   Utilities Factory Automation