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Highly qualified consultants take the stress out of meeting ISO standards requirements. Our experts excel at documentation development, training, implementation, and preparation for ISO compliance and certification.

Eagle Group® Consulting

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Eagle Group® offers a range of valuable services to help businesses achieve ISO certification. These services include the Gap Analysis, mentoring Internal Auditors through the audit process, documentation development, and expert guidance and support in implementing ISO standards.

By partnering with us, organizations can streamline their processes, improve their product quality, and enhance their overall efficiency. Our consultants provide tailored solutions, conduct audits, and train employees, ensuring that the company not only meets ISO requirements but also benefits from increased customer trust, improved marketability, and better risk management. With the assistance of Eagle Group® support, businesses can enhance their operations and reputation while staying compliant with international standards.

Gap Analysis

Our Consultant will facilitate the following:

Opening Meeting – explanation of activities to management team and key personnel.
System Evaluation Assessment – analyze your operation to determine areas of strength and weakness in relation to the standard requirements. We will identify key business processes, as well as determine the scope of registration to ensure proper application of the standard.
Management Debriefing – meet with your management team and key personnel to review the existing system shortcomings and recommendations for corrective actions.  We will verbally review the projected time phased implementation plan.
Written Report – prepare a detailed report identifying non-conformances, recommendations, corrective actions, observations; and, a time-phased implementation plan addressing how to streamline the common elements of documentation.
Eagle Group Consultants can conduct a GAP Analysis of your Management Systems.

Management Debrief
Written Report

Internal Auditor MENTOR

Eagle Group Consultants can mentor your Internal Auditors.

The Eagle Group® Consultant will mentor your Internal Auditors through the auditor process, fostering professional growth and ensuring the effectiveness of an organization’s quality management system. After presenting an introduction to the appropriate standard(s) and lecture portion of the Internal Auditor training, mentors provide invaluable guidance and expertise, helping auditors navigate the complexities of ISO standards with ease. They offer real-world insights and practical advice, enabling auditors to conduct more thorough and meaningful audits. Additionally, mentorship promotes continuous learning and development, allowing auditors to stay up-to-date with evolving ISO standards and industry best practices. Furthermore, mentors can instill confidence and professionalism in auditors, enhancing their ability to communicate effectively with colleagues and management.

Documentation Development

the Eagle Group® edge
our Quick Start System for
documentation development

The Consultant/Technical Writer will facilitate the following:

Customize an approach that will address special needs and interest of your business. This approach will move you through the steps to registration, recognizing the importance for you to own your system, when the registrar arrives.
Eagle Group® recognizes the value of time, money, and internal resources to your business.  In response, we will oversee your implementation initiative to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the process.
Use your existing systems where practical, applicable and appropriate; we will work with you to develop and provide procedures, work instructions and documentation data utilizing our Quick Start system to “reverse engineer” the document writing process in the absence of required documentation. 
Our experienced team will work beside your staff to develop a working Quality Management System (QMS), Environmental Management System (EMS), Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS), Laboratory Management System or Responsible Care® Management System that you will own and understand.
Eagle Group Consultants can help with documentation development.

Implementation Guidance

Eagle Group helps with implementation of ISO Management Systems.

System Training
Visit Report

Issuance of Management System documentation.
When appropriate, assist you in finding a Registrar who will work well with your organization.
Participate in Steering Team Meetings and Management Reviews as required.
Conduct required system training, including Internal Auditor.
Work with employee teams to apply and understand your Management System.
Ensure system documentation is in conformance with the System and the standard requirements.
A documented visit report outlining activities accomplished, assignments, and an updated implementation schedule.

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